The performance of Event Emitter's "fire"


EventEmitter vs Firefox OS's Camera evt.js

// updated version =>

EventEmitter vs Firefox OS's Camera evt.js vs Firefox OS's Clock emitter.js


Android Recovery Screenshot

Screenshot is a best tool to give a direction for novices. We had used it to demostrate lots ways to flash our Android devices into custom ROM. In current state, Android SDK tools provide lots way to take a screenshot at normal Android mode but not Recovery mode. And there is no easy way to take a screenshot at Recovery mode.

To make it, John Hu had searched few topics and found the following url:

Your Request Headers

Do you have an experience to make a network connection always failed but with other apps worked? It's a little frustrated to have such kind of experience.

When debugging my app, I met the same issue that with Android HttpURLConnection failed but with wget worked. To know what's the difference between them. I had created a page to dump all request headers your client agent sent.J



miidio, an Android apps provider. What's the relationships between miidio and John Hu? miidio is a brand owned by John Hu. He is the only one developer for it. So, miidio is just one man company, not a company just an app provider. John Hu haven't registered a company for it.

There are two apps and one service made by miidio:



mozart logo

The Mozart project is one of John Hu joined projects. This is a conductor game for node.js Knockout 2013. It is the second place of node.js knockout 2013 in Taiwan and the second place of Innovation of the woldwide competition. We build this game with node.js, Web Socket, Web Audio, and Device Motion. All of them are web technology.