miidio Service running in Banana Pi

I had wrote a service running in Banana Pi few months ago. It is so incredible that Banana Pi is so stable. The service had run about 3 months and merely didn't be down only for few network issues. This service is an audio conversion service which supports miidio space. Currently, there are 5 services running in Banana Pi. 3 of them run once a day and 2 of them run once an hour. This hardware is so stable.


Laser Ponter Tracking System

This is an old project executed by John Hu about 4 years ago.

Laser Pointer Tracking System uses normal web camera to detect the laser pointers. We use computer vision techinology to find out the position of laser pointers in camera and covert them to computer coordinate system. It is comprised of camera driver, v4l2, blob detection, blob tracking, gesture detection, and mouse/keyboard controller modules.

The first example is to use laser pointer to control a power point presentation: