It’s not a typo. is an awesome library for C# programmer to write OpenCL code. As surveying OpenCL libraries, we found a good library for beginners. Since John Hu work with a junior programmer who can only program .net framework, we start to survey a tool to for a .net programmers. is the one. It translates .net framework bytecode to CUDA and OpenCL. We can use it to generate OpenCL source code from .net framework bytecode. That means you can write an OpenCL program in C#/ It’s awesome. And the most awesome part is that is open sourced at here.

Let’s see an very simple example. You may find the following code which calcualte the moving average in C#:

the c# code for cudafy
the c# code for cudafy translate it to:

the opencl code generated by cudafy
the opencl code generated by cudafy

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