miidio Services on Banana Pi

John Hu had wrote some services running on Banana Pi a few months ago. It is so incredible that Banana Pi is so stable. The services had run about 3 months and merely didn’t be down only for a few network issues. One of the services is an audio conversion service which supports miidio space. Currently, there are 5 services running on Banana Pi. 3 of them run daily and 2 of them run hourly. This hardware is so stable.

John Hu had also tried to run a coin miner on Banana Pi. But its CPU power is so weak, comparing to a normal PC. And there is no GPU version miner for this kind of hardware. So, I turned it off with no coin got. That’s so pitty. I think they will open their source of GPU driver. And it is possible to do such kind of miner.

Official website of Banana Pi: http://www.bananapi.org/

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