The Mozart project is one of John Hu joined projects. This is a conductor game for node.js Knockout 2013. It is the second place of node.js knockout 2013 in Taiwan and the second place of Innovation of the woldwide competition. We build this game with node.js, Web Socket, Web Audio, and Device Motion. All of them are web technology.

2nd place of Taiwan
2nd place of Taiwan
The team members of mozart
The team members of mozart

We want this project to be open. So, Mozart is an open source project. You may find all of the source code in github: You may build your owned server, create your songs, use any part of our code.

A live demo can be found here (hope the URL is still active). Before playing it, we suggest you to see this video:

This is the page of our team:

The video of hackathon:

Day 1:

Day 2:

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