Desktop Laser Engraving Machine

This is my first laser engraving machine. I brought it from taobao with CNY 310. It’s a small desktop version with 100 mW blue light laser. I have to admit that it is just a toy. It works pretty well. But the lifetime of laser head is short. So, after a few hours engraving, the laser head is so weak to engrave a new photo.

I had tried multiple materials, like paper, leather, wood, PLA, etc. My favored material is wood. I took my son’s toy and engraved on it. This is my first work:

A brick engraved with bookteller
A brick engraved with bookteller

Although John Hu had left mozilla, I had wrote a post before leaving. This post is about how to write a high performance animations. Please go to this URL to find it out:

John Hu's Bugzilla

September 2015

I left mozilla at September 2015. It’s a special adventure at the mozilla. I learned the mozilla’s JavaScript coding styles, review rules, module owner/peer system, automation tests, tree tacking, and the most important open web culture. The best part at mozilla is to know a lot of talent engineer.

At mozilla, I did a small amount of jobs. The best retrospective is to see the Bugzilla statistics. It shows the works done during these 3 years:

  1. 309 bugs, 0.5 bugs filed per day

  2. 3366 comments, 5 comments made per day

  3. 183 patches submitted, 0.25 patches submitted per day

  4. 239 patches reviewed, 0.33 patches reviewed per day

Flower in CSS

This CSS art is made by a tricky croping CSS effect. The tricky part is to make a leaf. But the hardest part is to calculate the correct math arguments. This CSS art is scalable. You may change the width and height to have different size of flow:

Taichi Logo in CSS

A Taichi logo made with pure CSS, codepen link: