Banana Pi

I got a Banana Pi. But I havn’t booted it up because of lacking of a free sdcard.

If you guys interest in it, please find more information at

It has an IR receiver(I think), sata port, more cpu, and more memory in compare to Raspberry Pi.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 Official Kitkat ROM

The Kitkat for Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 had released at April 30th, 2014. We may find it at

It almost has all languages in this ROM. After intalled, the device runs more smooth than before. Let’s rock and roll.

This is a famous problem in computer world. It is originated from the IEEE 754 spec and binary system. Let’s see the problem at JavaScript:

var a = 0.2 + 0.4;

In most browser, we may have the value 0.600…0001. It is very anonying when we want to show a value with decimal point. There are a lot of methods to deal with it. We focus on round and parseFloat:

  1. Math.round(a * 10) / 10

  2. parseFloat(a.toFixed(1))

I believe that you will say method 1 has high performance. But how faster it has?

Please see the result here:

EventEmitter vs Firefox OS’s Camera evt.js

// updated version =>

EventEmitter vs Firefox OS’s Camera evt.js vs Firefox OS’s Clock emitter.js

Android recovery mode screenshot

Screenshot is a best tool to give a direction for novices. We had used it to demostrate a lot of methods to flash custom ROMs into our Android devices. The Android SDK provides different methods to take a screenshot at normal Android mode but none for Recovery mode.

To make it possible, John Hu had done some researches and found the following url:

That’s a nice tool to take a screenshot at Recovery mode and it works pretty good. But it only has Windows version. That’s too bad becase John Hu doesn’t have any Windows box. So, John Hu created a porting to Mac OS X and Linux. You may find the source and executable files at

To run it, we may need to do the following thing:

  1. download the code
  2. reboot your device into recovery mode
  3. plug-in USB cable
  4. run “” or “screenshot_run_me.bat”
  5. find your screenshot file at the folder

At TWRP recovery ROM, we may need to wait for a few seconds to make sure the device is connected with your PC after you see the recovery mode screen. Or you can use adb devices to check if the device is already connected with your computer.

A screenshot example can be found at:

Example of TWRP screenshot
Example of TWRP screenshot


  • We need root authority to mount the partition if you use the device offical recovery.
  • Pleae run the script at the folder it is.